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Welcome our website!

Excellent quality on payable prices for the lovers of the fragrances!

I am engaged in making and trading natural, 100% purity volatile oils and fragrant oils, packaging from 10ml, 100ml, 200ml, 0,5 kg to 1 kg.

In our webshop You can find wide range of fragrant and volatile oils – fast 100 different fragrance. If You would order in bigger amounts I can send You an individual offer in e-mail.

You can use the oils to aroma lamps to evaporate, to scenting flats. To prevent symptoms of different diseases. You can use it in your car, or add to  vinegar and use like a fabric softener in the washing machine or in Your gardrobe, sauna. Soapmakers can scent their soaps with these oils and cosmetics companies to scent their products.

Maybe You think at first „why so cheap are they?” I get a lot of calls „ it’s too cheap it can’t be real volitale oil”. The answer is simple. I can sell the oils in such a low prices because  i am packaging them. There are no separated boxes  and in this way I save money and time, too. I have reduced my forwarding and storing costs to a minimum. You will buy directly from the distributor. There is no retail price marge.

I hope I won Your confidence and You will like my products.

If You have any questions I replay with pleasure. I wish You calm, internal relaxation and complete rest. Thank You for visiting my website.

Yours sincerely, Renáta Karsai